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Today on our show we hear from Gabe Rosales, a musician and activist from Laguna Beach, California. Gabe has toured the world with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Christina Milian, and Sheena Easton and appears on countless albums across genres. From Gabe’s website: "I have toured on a private plane over Europe. I have done drugs in a room by myself for days. I have cleaned toilets and been pepper sprayed in jail during the worse race riots in OC jail history. I have meditated in silence 16 hours a day for weeks in the mountains of California. I have been cornered on the streets of Los Angeles by thousands of riot police with the Occupy LA movement. I have marched with the American Indian Movement to the Jumping Bull house for the first official Leonard Peltier day in South Dakota. I have been lucky enough to see my writing published. I have had the honor of working with the BEST musicians on the planet. The meaning of life is to give life meaning, so use your time wisely. I am just getting started."   - Gabe Rosales

For more about Gabe Rosales visit his website, and follow him on Instagram.