WERO S2 EP5 - Identity and Place with Johnica Rivers


Today on the show we hear from writer and avid traveler Johnica Rivers* and her perspective on travel, identity, and sense of place. Johnica has written for such as Essence, Ebony, and Huff Post to name a few.

Keep up with Johnica on Twitter or Instagram @johnica

Shoutout to GDT studios for allowing us to record this podcast in their studio space.

*Note: Since the recording of this podcast, Johnica has married, hence the name change from Johnica Reed as you will hear her introduced in the episode.

WERO S2 EP4 - Sonoran Style Tortillas with Caramelo

Caramelo Tortillas-13.jpg

Today on the show we hear from Rubén Leal of Caramelo Tortillas about Sonoran style flour tortillas and food. If you haven’t tried Sonoran style tortillas, they will change your life. Not even exaggerating. We also talk about how his business got started, the Sonora-Kansas connection, and more. If you want to try some for yourself, you can order them on-line 24/7 at www.CarameloTortillas.com and check out all the mouth-watering photos on their Instagram @caram3lo

WERO S2 EP2 - La Alegría de Comer con Damián Labarrère

Damian Labarrere

En el programa de hoy hablamos con chef y artesano Damián Labarrère desde la Ciudad de Mexico. Hablamos de la ciudad, de la cocina, del arte de crear cosas de calidad, y de la alegría de comer. Si quieren seguir las aventuras y el trabajo de Damián vayan a ver su Instagram @damian.labarrere y su marca de products prácticos de piel, denim, y canvas elaborados a mano @_labarrere_


Debbie Montenegro

This week on the show we hear from NASA Solar System Ambassador and hot chocolate lover Debbie Montenegro. We talk about science (in a way the rest of us can understand!), space travel, Guatemalan food, and how NASA research relates to all of us.

You can contact Debbie via her Solar System Ambassador profile and keep up with her adventures on Instagram @renegade_chemist

Update: Since we recorded, one of the studies Debbie was waiting for has been released. You can read the NASA Twin Study here.



Hey guys, in addition to this week’s episode with César Valdivia (our first episode entirely en Spanish) we have a bonus music episode! You can hear some of what I’m listening to now and if you want to hear the full songs, I put together a Spotify playlist of the music you heard on this episode (all except for 2DLQTZ who didn’t have that particular EP on Spotify, but you can listen on their website). I had fun doing this bonus episode side-by-side with our first Spanish language episode, let me know what you guys think!

From today’s show:

Alvaro Díaz

Tobe Nwigwe




Los Wálters

Young Tender

Destiny Rogers



Cesar Valdiva

En el programa de hoy hablamos con César Valdivia, director en REM Cine y Jefe de carrera del área de Comunicación Audiovisual digital en IP Santo Tomás, Concepción Chile.
Se puede ver su trabajo a través de su página web, y si quieres seguirlo en sus aventuras visita a su Instagram @negrovaldivia.

Today on the show we are talking to cinematographer and creative director César Valdivia from Concepción, Chile. You’ll notice that this week’s episode is entirely in Spanish (sorry non-Spanish speakers!), each season there will be episodes in Spanish so get a bi-lingual friend to catch you up!

You can see some of César’s work on his website, and keep up with his adventures on Instagram @negrovaldivia.


Gabe Rosales.jpg

Today on our show we hear from Gabe Rosales, a musician and activist from Laguna Beach, California. Gabe has toured the world with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Christina Milian, and Sheena Easton and appears on countless albums across genres. From Gabe’s website: "I have toured on a private plane over Europe. I have done drugs in a room by myself for days. I have cleaned toilets and been pepper sprayed in jail during the worse race riots in OC jail history. I have meditated in silence 16 hours a day for weeks in the mountains of California. I have been cornered on the streets of Los Angeles by thousands of riot police with the Occupy LA movement. I have marched with the American Indian Movement to the Jumping Bull house for the first official Leonard Peltier day in South Dakota. I have been lucky enough to see my writing published. I have had the honor of working with the BEST musicians on the planet. The meaning of life is to give life meaning, so use your time wisely. I am just getting started."   - Gabe Rosales

For more about Gabe Rosales visit his website, and follow him on Instagram.