While traveling I've been called a lot of things. Some friends call me rubio, others gringo, others still gringo loco. But of all the names I have been given over the years, I was first christened el güero (pronounced [weh-dow] and alternatively written wero) which is all purpose nickname for any light-skinned or blonde-headed person. It's what they called me on the soccer fields behind the middle school where all the Mexican and Guatemalan guys played on Sunday afternoons. Out on these fields I learned a lot of slang, swear words, and forms of expression you won’t find in books, but also that everything you're taught in the classroom is not enough to truly communicate. Language, culture, food, friendship, they are all pieces of a puzzle we call community. 

This blog is about food, the friends who have shared their lives and culture through that food, and how both have become part of my own life. I hope you enjoy cooking and exploring with me.  ¡Buen provecho!