Candied Jalapeños

I put these on everything. Tacos. Pizza. More tacos. More pizza. There are more options, but these are my two favorites. White people like to put these on crackers with cream cheese. It's actually delicious. But honestly, why eat crackers when you can have tacos or pizza?

There are a lot of recipes for candied jalapeños out there, most of them are pretty similar, I've tweaked mine just a bit and am pretty happy with the results. Most recipes I've seen for these start with two pounds of jalapeños. That's cute. Start with four. Since they need to sit for four weeks, it's nice to have a backup jar waiting for you in the pantry while you make a new batch. Or, like the Meyer lemon preserves, they make great gifts. But only give these to friends you're really fond of, because once your start they will keep asking for more. You're not just making topping, your starting a tradition, so be aware. Another reason to do this is because jalapeños are stupid cheap. I get mine at El Rancho Supermercado and they are usually $0.88 a pound so we're talking about less than $4 here. But that's enough talking, let's make these bad boys. Recipe and instructions below.

Serve with tacos, pizza, crackers, or just eat them out of the jar.

Pair with Left Hand Free, Alt J (Lido Remix)